Small Green Steps

"Let’s all work together to create a successful future for us, our children and our children’s children"

Maryann Walters

Taking small green steps is our way of making a difference.  Everything is connected – how we live affects the health of our planet and in the face of threats from climate change, dwindling resources and escalating world population, learning to live sustainably is crucial to ensure a positive and healthy future. We need to ‘future-proof’ our children by encouraging them to explore the world around them, respect all living things, and understand the connections between them, use resources wisely, and grow food.

We believe childcare centres have a responsibility to teach children how to live a sustainable, environmentally friendly life.  Childsteps Early Learning Centre is committed to the 3 R’s -Reduce paper usage by using technology to communicate with parents, Reuse containers, paper, cardboard and household items for classroom learning and Recycling the greywater from our handbasins and laundry to irrigate our gardens. Small green steps for a better world.