Our Philosophy

We will: 
create a welcoming environment:
That is embodied in respectful practices with one another
That promotes a sense of belonging
That is filled with joy, fun and laughter
nurture a team of teachers and support staff:
Who share and value individual and collective knowledge
Who are professional, approachable and reflective of their practice
Who take themselves on a learning journey of internal review
foster a positive learning environment:
By teaching our children social competence
By teaching our children the limits and boundaries of acceptable behaviour
By teaching our children to express themselves in constructive ways
shape an engaging learning space:
That fosters emergent literacy and numeracy skills
That recognises play as an essential part of our daily routine
That creates a sense of wonder, provoking rich exploration filled with new experiences and old
create a cultural atmosphere:
Where all cultures are acknowledged
Where the dual heritage of Aotearoa/New Zealand is highlighted within our practice
Where connections between home and centre are fostered
contribute to protecting our earth:
By re-using items for children’s learning
By reducing waste in our centre
By recycling packaging