"Developing the skills to perform hygiene practices like hand washing independently is an important part of growing up"

Maryann Lewis

Maintaining good hygiene in childcare centres is essential. With so many young children in proximity, it is important to stop the risk of cross infection between children and adults. Time spent at childcare is also the perfect time to educate children about sound hygiene habits that should continue on for a lifetime. At Childsteps we pride ourselves on delivering robust hygiene practices and procedures which help to reduce cross infection.  Some of these are:

  • encouraging children to follow basic rules of hygiene such as hand washing, covering mouths when coughing, not sharing food or drinks, using a tissue when they have a cold etc.
  • regularly cleaning and disinfecting toys and equipment.
  • maintaining strict hygiene practices in areas such as kitchens, bathrooms, sleep/rest areas and play areas.
  • adhering to hygienic practices for nappy changing, toileting and wiping children’s noses.